exOptima’s API connects securely to your existing system (BMS, Data Warehouse or Analytics Provider), from there exOptima will automatically generate a digital twin of your chilled water plant, simulate how it will operate under any possible condition, then produce actionable controls strategy recommendations for optimal performance.

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Step 1

Connect & Generate Digital Twin

Data is obtained via your analytics platform, data warehouse or directly from the BMS for your building or portfolio.

Temperature, flow rate, pressure and energy data are collected from central plant equipment, including chillers, pumps and cooling towers.

Operational data trains advanced machine learning algorithms that build a working mathematical model of the physical plant.  

exOptima™ works with all building management systems, plant configurations and equipment manufacturers.

Step 2

Receive Optimised Control Strategies

Exergenics’ optimisation engine loops through millions of possible scenarios that could be experienced by the plant, learning how best to control it along the way.

Opportunities for improved efficiency are automatically detected, generating optimised control strategies that enhance performance and efficiency without impacting occupant comfort or air-side operations.

Three low-cost, easy to implement recommendations are generated, each attached with ROI projections to facilitate data-driven decision making.

Step 3

Continuously Optimise & Adapt to Changing Conditions

After initial optimisation, exOptima™ provides the insights and strategies to continuously adapt and drive improvement:

  • Adapt plant controls to keep pace with current building configuration, weather and occupancy trends
  • Adjust controls to extract peak performance throughout its entire lifecycle
  • Monitor plant degradation and flag when plant is reaching end of serviceable life and replacement may be recommended from a financial basis.

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