Exergenics’ optimisation engine combines the next generation of Big Data, AI & Digital Twins to ensure that every plant is operating at peak performance

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Step 1

Data Collection

Data is obtained via analytics platforms, data lakes or directly from the BMS for your individual building or portfolio.

Temperature, flow rate, pressure and energy data are collected for central plant equipment, including chillers, pumps and cooling towers.

exOptima™ works with all building management systems, plant configurations and equipment manufacturers.  

Step 2

Operational Digital Twin

Operational data trains advanced machine learning algorithms that build a working mathematical model of the physical plant.

This model can simulate how the plant performs under a wide variety of control sequences and weather conditions.  

Exergenics’ optimisation engine loops through millions of possible scenarios that could be experienced by the plant, learning how best to control it along the way.

Opportunities for improved efficiency are automatically detected.

All energy saving opportunities have no impact on occupant comfort or air-side operations.  

Step 3

Secure your exOptima™ report

exOptima™ is an individualised, actionable report, containing:

  • A rating out of 100 reflecting your plant's current efficiency, compared to its potential
  • A set of easily implemented controls updates for improving your plant’s efficiency
  • An energy & cost savings potential associated with each recommendation.

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