Smart Air Conditioning

Exergenics software makes cooling more efficient and sustainable,
with no upfront costs or change to occupant comfort.

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Exergenics' Plant Optimisation-
"The most transparent black box on the market"

Next generation central plant optimisation software that integrates easily into existing Building Management Systems.

Energy and peak demand savings of 10-20%

Available at no upfront cost on a simple shared savings contract

Compatible with any central plant equipment and configuration

No changes to space temperature set points / occupant comfort

Our powerful optimisation engine has received multiple innovation awards

Engineers Australia

Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers

Green Building Council Australia

Winner of the Green Innovation Award

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“Current chilled water system optimisation solutions generally don’t do much, usually have zero visibility of performance and there is no accountability for outcomes: Classic smoke and mirrors. They create frustration and disappointment. Exergenics on the other hand has a well-engineered approach that can verify actual energy savings.”

— Trevor Owen, CEO, Alerton Australia

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