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Buildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. Chilled water plants, which generate and distribute cold water throughout a building to moderate internal temperature, use on average 25% of a commercial building's energy and include some of the most expensive equipment in a building.

Chilled water plants are the engine room of building comfort - getting the balance and control of these complex systems just right is among the most challenging issues facing building owners, facility managers and service providers today.

Leveraging existing building data, our cloud-based AI model builds a digital twin of your chilled water plant, unlocking your potential to enhance equipment performance and generate energy/peak demand savings.

AI Driven Digital Twin

Our powerful software is capable of uncovering opportunities in even the highest performing buildings, including those with sophisticated building analytics systems, enabling you to achieve significant savings.

Tailored to your Building

Calibrated to each building’s lifecycle and asset strategy to provide a tailored solution that balances between energy use, carbon emissions and maintenance regimes whilst ensuring system reliability and comfort conditions.

Cloud based API

Our API seamlessly connects to your existing system without any new hardware or contractors, enabling you to generate ROI on existing data infrastructure, without the need for labour intensive installs or maintenance.

How it works

Exergenics' API connects securely to your existing system (BMS, Data Warehouse or Analytics Provider), from there our algorithm automatically generates a digital twin of your chilled water plant, simulate how it will operate under any possible condition, then produce actionable controls strategy recommendations for optimal performance.

  • Connect to API & generate digital twin
  • Receive periodic optimised control recommendations
  • Continuously enhance performance, and adapt to change in building circumstances.


Exergenics’ powerful optimisation engine has won multiple innovation awards

'Best of the Best' Proptech Startup of the year 2021
Australia's Most Innovative Engineers Award 2020


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