Chilled water plant optimisation, powered by existing building data.

How it works
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Extract opportunities for efficiency from each unique central plant

Exergenics’ cloud-based machine learning tool is specifically designed to cut through the complexity of chilled water plants and provide best-in-class control strategies, programmed directly into the existing BMS.

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Improve building sustainability and carbon abatement
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Reduce base building energy usage
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Enhance the performance and useful life of plant equipment
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Reduce peak demand energy consumption

Complete Transparency and Ease of Implementation

Exergenics is a tool built to address complex problems while ensuring the simplest and most transparent experience for building owners and service providers.

Cutting Edge Innovation

  • From the millions of possible setpoints, Exergenics’ optimisation engine is able to find the precise combination of setpoints that maximise efficiency and mechanical performance.
  • Exergenics’ software is one of the first solutions specifically designed to derive value from data warehousing via API integration.
Cutting Edge Innovation


  • Project energy savings, cost, and environmental impact before commissioning on your existing Building Management System (BMS) where staging remains visible to facilities managers.
  • In collaboration with your incumbent contractors and facility managers, Exergenics leverages site knowledge to supplement big data.
Cutting Edge Innovation

Quick & Cost-effective Implementation

  • Maximise the value of your data warehouse by enabling quick and seamless rollout across your portfolio.
  • Fully implement in a matter of weeks by deploying the optimised setpoints on the existing controller. No new technicians or additional hardware required.
  • Remotely verify strategy deployment, and automate measurement & verification of energy savings.
Cutting Edge Innovation

Designed for Synergy with the Smart Building Ecosystem

It takes an ecosystem of technologies to keep a building running at peak performance and efficiency. Exergenics is designed to integrate with your ecosystem for seamless and cost-effective delivery.

Infrastructure Layer
Infrastructure Layer

These are all the technologies which make the building work, including hardware and software, which enable optimisation. Building infrastructure includes metering and sensors, building management systems and independent data layers.

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Applications Layer
Applications Layer

These are software only solutions, often cloud-based and API-first design, which leverage the investment in infrastructure to derive insights and optimisation opportunities from existing building data. Exergenics fits into this category of smart building technology.

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