Our Technology

Next generation central plant optimisation software that integrates easily into existing Building Management Systems.
Exergenics’ powerful optimisation engine has won 2020 Innovation Awards from both the Green Building Council of Australia and Engineers Australia.

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“The current research is promising; I’m excited to see where the company goes.”

— Alan Pears AM, Senior Industry Fellow, RMIT

STEP 1 //

Initial data collection

Data collected from the existing BMS trains machine learning algorithms, which represent chillers, pumps and cooling towers (of any manufacturer). Data extraction typically takes only a few hours, with no disruption to building operations.

STEP 2 //

Chilled Plant Modelling

Advanced algorithms are used to construct a digital twin (mathematical representation of a physical system) of the whole central plant. This powerful analytical tool provides the ability to test different control strategies under a range of scenarios. These models are flexible, adapting to any system configuration (e.g. primary only or primary / secondary) and encompassing any number of physical constraints.

STEP 3 //

Control strategy generation

To determine the optimal control strategy, an optimisation algorithm extracts the ideal equipment loading for all possible cooling loads and ambient weather conditions. This process covers all possible conditions, including when chillers are unavailable. The collation of the results forms the basis of the new control strategy.

STEP 4 //

Integrated software installation

Controls engineers install the smart IoT controller containing the optimised control strategy in a matter of minutes. Once installed and commissioned, real time performance information is available via the dashboard, providing Building Managers with all the relevant information.

STEP 5 //

Measurement and verification

The system comes with automated M&V reporting, providing complete transparency on the performance of the optimisation. This reporting is International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) compliant, making M&V quick and easy.