About us

Co-Founder & CEO

// Iain Stewart

Iain started his career energy modelling for Conservia, focusing on building energy efficiency, performing energy audits and Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) across a diverse range of commercial buildings. It was through this work that Iain discovered the huge potential for HVAC optimisation, and started writing the code that would eventually become Exergenics.
Iain later worked at ClimateWorks Australia, helping businesses and governments to understand and prepare for the transition to net zero emissions. During this time he collaborated with CSIRO to co-develop Aus-TIMES; Australia’s leading techno-economic energy and emissions modelling tool. While at ClimateWorks, Iain led the modelling effort for a major, multi-year research project, Decarbonisation Futures.

Co-Founder & COO

// Tim Stewart

Tim has always had a passion for the built environment & sustainability, having studied a Bachelor of Environments at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Property.
Tim started out his career following his other passion, trading & markets analysis, working for various trading firms. These skills will contribute to the next phase of Exergenics product development, feeding live wholesale energy cost data into the cloud for real-time cost optimisation.
Before joining Exergenics, Tim worked as a Business Development Manager for MachShip, securing deals with a large range of local, national & international businesses in his tenure there.

“Iain is exceptionally gifted at modelling complex systems, he has become in a very short time ClimateWorks’ key energy model expert. I completely trust his skills and judgement.”

— Amandine Denis-Ryan, Head of National Programs, ClimateWorks Australia